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Candy and Chocolate

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Candy and confectionery products, chocolate, chewing gum, nougat, ice cream, wafers...

This sector has a huge amount of consumption; the annual average is about 1800 tons on various type of products. There are 60 companies including 40 big companies running in this industry.

(Flexible) packaging foil types consumed in the industry are described below:

Printed and Unprinted 9-12 Mic. ALU foil.
-Printed and unprinted ALU/PAP lamination.
-ALU/PAP/WAX lamination.
-ALU/PAP/PE lamination.
-PAP/PE lamination.
-PAP/Wax Coated foil.
-Lamination and un- lamination cold sealed foil.
-OPP or cellophane/ALU/PAP lamination.
-PVC or OPP op cellophane PAP lamination cold sealed foil.
-OPP or PET/PE lamination or PVDC lacquer foils.
-OPP/ALU/PAP lamination.