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Nordmeccanicca brand named 2007 and 2010 model two units lamination machines, which are suitable for solvent, solvent less and lacquer applications, are equipped with automatic register control systems, automatic viscosity meters, monitoring tools and video edition, moreover can be applied to the different type of materials such as PVC, BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, ALU.

Lamination (Solvent)

Various structures of films can be laminated with single-or dual-component adhesives through Rotogravure coating system with high pressure and the dynamic adjustment drying tunnel in concordance with the amount of solvent to be less than 3mg/m².

Lamination (Solvent less)

Two or three layers various films can be laminated with single-or dual-component adhesives in the advantage of sensitive coating and method of 5 cylindered coating. Packaging materials are produced durable to the applications of Pasteurization, sterilization.

Cold Seal and Various Lacquers

Various Cold seal, thermo clone lacquer and similar type of lacquers can be applied in the fields of partial, full and strip areas in concordance with Rotogravure application and register control system.