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Gravure Printing Cylinders Production

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Continuous Growth, Continuous Investment and Continuous Innovation...

Sezersan never hesitates to use all of the technological opportunities throughout its production stage. Besides, the company makes ‘Quality is in the details’ as a principle with its specialised staff, modernized machine and equipments, additionally, its graphic department draws all types of designs as well as first preparations of printing cylinders according to customer demands.

Sezersan, which basis on "continuous growth, continuous investment and continuous innovation", has signed a new innovation by opening print cylinder producing establishment which is known one of the most difficult sector in the industry.

The company runs its successful business preparing the printing cylinders that consists of Hell, Polish master, Stoning, Polishing and Galvano departments. The rotogravure printing cylinders have been passed various operations and transformed into printing equipments that enliven colour and vitalize the product packages by departments.