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PVC Films Production

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Sezersan is one of the pioneer firms on producing PVC films which is suitable for food grade in Turkey.

Having producing many different types of packaging materials, Sezersan manufactures transparent, opaque, colored, metalized and colored metalized films with buying brand named of F.I.A.P. lines that has the technology from Europe ‘Un plasticized Food Grade PVC film’ in order to consider especially suitable packaging for food. As a specification of having been metallised and laminated, PVC grips the print tightly and enables better protection. It can also be recycled.

This technology with the production of capacity 300 tons per month is very suitable for all packaging machines such as high-speeded, automatic and manual. Another reason to prefer this product is to be twisted easily and have heat seal attribution through application of thermo clone lacquer property. Due to the diversity of products and packaging materials has been significantly increasing recently, Sezersan displays a very rapid progress in the fields of packaging materials and packaging machinery. As one of the leading PVC manufacturer in Turkish packaging industry, Sezersan supplies an important part of demands.


PVC, BOPP, CPP, PET,PE and other type of packaging materials are covered metallise in the vacuum environment

Galileo Vacuum brand name metalizing unit with 200 ton/month capacity is able to cover the films metallise such as PVC, BOPP, CPP, PET and other packaging films in the vacuum environment.

The top quality metallised films, which provide best shape and brightness to the packages for both printing and lamination films and increase protection property of packages, are produced in mentioned unit.