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Recently, butter and margarine produced in Western Europe, North America and other developed countries are packed in all in aluminum foil and wax or such special methods obtained in PE or anti-shock (PS), vacuum boxes, and packaging to their mouths covered with aluminum foil. In our country the situation is as follows:

Aluminum foil / paper lamination pergament or aluminum foil / paper lamination sulfite and packaging made of wax emulsion have been used in this sector. However, in general, this style of packaging, the share of butter production is very low.

Researches have been made in Turkey indicates that the largest consumption of margarine packaging is the type of margarine called Sana. Margarines are currently wrapped in the imported 50 g / m² greaseproof (oil proof) opaque (whitened) pergament papers. Packaging industry attends with custom printing and converting labor to this sector. Manufacturers import the raw paper themselves. In recent years, anti-shock, vacuum containers and oil surface of the aluminum / pergament hot-melt laminated magazine cut margarine inner lid closed has begun to produce, in our country.

Likewise, aluminum / pergament laminated product is used for margarine that is exporting to Eastern European countries securing independence from Russia and The Turkish Countries, Algeria and some Arabic Countries as wrapping material. For this reason, laminated ALU foil consumption has been increased rapidly and will continue to rise.