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Powder Beverage and Snacks

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Large-scale of flexible packaging material is consumed in this sector. According to the structure used in the films (except for prepared food):

-OPP/ALU foil/PAP lamination.
-ALU foil/PAP lamination.
-PVDC coated.
-PE lamination.
-PE extrusion.
-60gr/m² sulfite PAP.
-Hot melt coated

Tea production in our country is run by number of private firms apart from Çaykur. In general, coated paper / PE extrusion, aluminum / paper / PE bags lamination or extrusion is used.

As for coffee and cocoa sector, these products are marketed in generally flexible (flexible) packaging films and consumption within the trend shows a rapid increase. They are usually special foils such as lamination of PET/ALUPE, PET/Metalized/PE, PET/PE, and OPP/ALU/PE.

Stability is very important against moisture and flavor. Iodized and Un- iodized-micronized grinded salt products are generally marketed in PE or OPP/PE. Moisture of mentioned products is highly important. Consumption of table salts is totally in packaging.

a-) Products such as hazelnut-pistachio-walnut
These products are fresh, roasted, salted, unsalted, fat-fat-free as it has been on the market. In general, OPP / OPP, OPP / PE laminates, 30-40 micron OPP, 50-60 micron PE film, in some special cases, OPP / ALU / PE, OPP / metalized OPP / PE, is packed in the form.

b-) Products such as dry beans, chickpeas, rice, lentils
These products are generally marketed in 30-40 microns in packages of 1 and ½ kg of OPP, in 50-60 micron PE foils, in some of the exported goods, OPP / OPP, PP / PE laminations.